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Dr. Anne Bingham Earns Lifestyle Medicine Certification

February 5, 2019

Dr. Anne Bingham, of Crescent Street OB/GYN, recently became board certified in the emerging field of lifestyle medicine. Few physicians in the country have earned this honor.

“The work to become board certified dovetailed with my passion about food as medicine,” Dr. Bingham says. “Most often, it is lifestyle that gets us into trouble with our health, and it is exciting to empower our patients with the evidence that lifestyle can get us out of that trouble. I’m hoping that one day, healthcare providers of all kinds – from registered nurses, physician assistants, advanced practice registered nurses, doctors of medicine and doctors of osteopathic medicine to dieticians and physical and occupational therapists – receive this education in school. Until then, this education is available through the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.”

Read the article here.

Learn more about education and tools for plant-based nutrition and lifestyle habits on Dr. Bingham’s website.

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